“I’d recommend them to anyone and everyone”

When I found out I was pregnant with baby #3 I knew that I wanted and needed something ‘more’ that what the NHS could provide me with, after 2 very normal very textbook pregnancies and one amazing labour and delivery and one not so great, homebirth turned transfer to hospital,I set out looking for the […]

A unique partnership

I gave birth on 14th January 2018, to a little girl. She was born at Airedale hospital with the midwives and doctors support there, as well as with the support of the Yorkshire Storks independent midwives, who I had seen during my pregnancy and who have supported me postnatally. This is our second daughter. After […]

Helen and Anouni

I had the space and time to do it my way, fully supported and with accessible, intelligent advice from experienced ladies (Home VBAC)