Continuity of Care

“Yorkshire Storks provided us with continuity of care regardless of where the birth took place. This personal relationship was very important to us all.” (First baby, York)

What I needed most

“What I needed most in labour was for someone to be with me, experience the pain of childbirth with me, to give birth with me – not to “fix it” or take the pain away.”  (2nd baby, Northallerton)

So reassuring

new family

“It was so reassuring to have our questions answered completely and with total support for our decisions. This allowed us to focus on the positive experience of the birth. It was wonderful.” (First baby, Halifax)

I felt secure and special

“Chris was there for all three of my births – but I did not really appreciate how much we needed her until our transfer to hospital with Ben. I felt secure and special – we all did.” (3rd Baby, Humberside)

Minimum Intervention

mother and baby

“It was a perfect birth with minimum intervention and no drugs and made all the more special by the presence of our three-year old daughter.” (2nd Baby, Harrogate)

You have a wonderful way with babies

“Thank you! You have a wonderful way with babies, and I really appreciate all the things you taught me – from nappy folding to baby massage and baby bathing. I think [the baby] appreciates it too.” (1st Baby, North York Moors)

We were involved in all the decision-making

Bathing baby

“I laboured well and fiercely at home, transferred in when I was ready and had a second Caesarean operation but returned home soon. We were involved in all the decision-making and were part of it. Here my daughter watches as I bath my four day old baby in a tummy tub.” (2nd Baby, Co. Durham)

No staff changes

“I had only my midwives and the people I had chosen to be there – there were no staff changes every 8 hours. I could walk outside, eat snacks and take baths in private. These were the things that a home birth which Chris and Nic provided, but more than this they were friends who […]

Best start in life

“…She is so happy and content.  Her relationship with her big sister will surely be shaped by the fact that her arrival did not involve stress, upheaval and mum vanishing off to hospital.  Thank you for giving our little girl the very best start in life, and for helping me to reclaim what I lost […]