Ninjas and Squaddies

“The transition between the comforts of home and the midwives care, highlighted the differences in styles between the Storks and the NHS. The Storks were like Ninjas – quiet, hidden, but there when needed and highly professional, whilst the NHS were more like squaddies – brash, capable, and full of humour, but high volume and […]

Worth far more than we paid

“Cost seems an obstacle for a lot of people when it comes to choosing private midwifery care. So many people have told me they would have liked to have it but couldn’t afford it, for me it is a question of priority. If you see birth as a few miserable hours that you just have […]

Costs and Value

“…I would also like to add a word about cost. I am not secretly rich. Actually I live in a very precarious situation. We are self-employed with variable and unreliable income and was staying with my parents for the birth, having lived in a caravan for two years. We are now in a tiny studio […]

Twins and non judgemental

“…Another thing I really appreciated with the Yorkshire Storks was their willingness to share their own experiences as mothers, and their honesty in doing so. This added extra credibility to all their advice, and also meant that I didn’t feel I had to live up to some perfect ideal as a mother. I was able […]

Involve the Kids

“I was delighted to return to the care of Yorkshire Storks for the second time after becoming pregnant with our third child. I briefly considered using the NHS, but after speaking to Kim about our options I remembered how happy and secure I felt in the care and Yorkshire Storks. Chris and Kim made anti- […]

Continuity of Care

“Yorkshire Storks provided us with continuity of care regardless of where the birth took place. This personal relationship was very important to us all.” (First baby, York)

What I needed most

“What I needed most in labour was for someone to be with me, experience the pain of childbirth with me, to give birth with me – not to “fix it” or take the pain away.”  (2nd baby, Northallerton)

So reassuring

new family

“It was so reassuring to have our questions answered completely and with total support for our decisions. This allowed us to focus on the positive experience of the birth. It was wonderful.” (First baby, Halifax)

I felt secure and special

“Chris was there for all three of my births – but I did not really appreciate how much we needed her until our transfer to hospital with Ben. I felt secure and special – we all did.” (3rd Baby, Humberside)

Minimum Intervention

mother and baby

“It was a perfect birth with minimum intervention and no drugs and made all the more special by the presence of our three-year old daughter.” (2nd Baby, Harrogate)