“We both feel so blessed, having you to bring each of our little storks into the world. When students came with you [for visits], I always used to think, it’s so amazing how many people you have shown how to do things the right way, and shown them how they can make a difference.” (3 […]

“…our time together at these visits had made [the YS team] almost intuitively tuned in to all my wishes, quirks, and idiosyncrasies, without me having had to say anything. Knowing they were at the end of a phone, that I could text them with the slightest concern and feel absolutely no judgement or ridicule was […]

“As a couple, we have very specific needs, and these were greeted without hesitation by all four of the Storks. We felt extremely safe and happy…We believe that the reason our experience with Yorkshire Storks has had such a powerful and positive impact on our maternity journey is time. We never once felt we were […]


These truly inspiring ladies…enabled me to trust my body, let it grow big healthy twins without time limitations, and birth them myself, naturally, with minimal intervention. Going with them was the best decision ever made, I just wish every woman could experience their care, compassion and expertise. They help you make an informed choice and […]

“The Yorkshire Storks midwife team were incredible in getting to know me and my family, listening to the choices I wanted to make and supporting me to the fullest extent.” (Second baby, VBAC)

“They supported us every step of the way, practically and emotionally, devoting so much time and effort that we really felt as though we were their only clients.” (First baby, home waterbirth)

“You provide a wonderful service, which has woman-centred care at the heart of it” (first pregnancy, twins)

“People think they can’t afford independent care, but we have been a one-income household for quite a while now as my partner has been struggling to find work. It’s what you prioritise, and to be honest, you guys were priceless. I hope you know how much we all appreciate everything you did for us!” (Homebirth, […]


“Thank you once again for being amazing throughout all of this, you and your team truly were exceptional.” (1st baby, homebirth)

“I felt 100% confident in Debs, Chris, Sharyn and Claire. I enjoyed the safety they brought with no glitter and tinsel. I admire what they stand for and was intrigued to find out more about how they practice.They were accepting me as I was.” (Homebirth finally for no.3)