An older Mum, home labour and hospital birth

Jennifer’s Birth Story – A forty-something first time Mum: Life is such that things never turn out the way you expect them to… So, finally at 43 I found myself dancing round the bathroom celebrating the X on the pregnancy test stick. I hadn’t waited so long out of choice or because of any medical […]

Twins at home, with no time to fill the pool

Newborn twins with their brother

  Choosing to give birth at home instead of in the apparent safety of hospital used to seem particularly counter-intuitive to me. For my first child, who was born in Australia, I chose a high-tech hospital and, unwittingly, antibiotics, monitors, drips, an epidural and ventouse delivery. The only births I’d ‘seen’ were dramatic, scary emergencies […]

Third baby born at home whilst his siblings slept

BIRTH STORY, BERTIE WONG, 12th July 2008 As I write this my baby, Bertie, is nearly 4 weeks old. He is absolutely perfect and our whole family have fallen completely in love with him. I am so excited about the life ahead we will share together and all the memories we are about to create […]

Second baby at home, but with Down’s Syndrome and heart problems

Parents:  Eva & Guy First Child:  Hannah New Arrivals:  Katarina Katarina was born at home after a quick and easy labour. However, the excitement was to start when she was a day old and was suspected to have Down’s Syndrome. Thanks to having chosen Yorkshire Storks for my midwifery care we were spared the added […]

Third baby, born at home in water

baby in sling

Barbara Higham’s home birth story “I felt happy and relieved that the whole process had been so gentle and yes, even if it is a cliché, empowered and proud of what my body had just done”. Independent midwife Chris Warren of Yorkshire Storks provided my midwifery care for the second time last year. My antenatal […]