Helped but not booked – potential high risk women need choices too

Xanthe pearl

I had two consultations with Chris from Yorkshire Storks – I made the initial appointment because the hospital had classified the birth of my second child “high risk” due to a previous c-section, a bicornate uterus and a diagnosis of gestational diabetes (although I was managing my sugars very well through my diet alone). I […]

Ice and snow, but born at home, despite no NHS Midwives available!


We decided to have a Home Birth as I really wanted to give birth naturally with as little intervention as possible and felt that being in my own home would be most conducive to this outcome. We booked a home birth with the NHS and our midwife was very encouraging and supportive of this. It […]

First baby, born at home in the pool, in the caul (in his own bag of waters)

newborn baby with father

I had my first show at 11 am three days after my official due date.  This was very exciting and I called all the midwives and left messages and made plans for passing the time.  Everyone knows that first babies take ages so hubby and I got in the car to go shopping and then head to […]

Pool Bliss – Rhian and baby Owen Connor

labouring in birth pool

Ok, some back story to my choices. My first son was a planned homebirth. He had been three weeks late and I had a real battle with the NHS. I had a really positive 1st stage but a difficult second stage due to him being back to back with the cord wrapped twice around him. […]

Birth at home, from a “big” sister’s view point


Birth Story by Romy Smithson (aged 7.) I woke up to find Mummy in labour. I was excited. I came downstairs and I slept on the settee. The birth pool was filled up and Nana was sleeping in my room. In the morning I made a cake and some biscuits with Nana and the midwife […]

Fifth babe, first at home; fears allayed

My name is Susan. I recently had my fifth child, Josif. I was 42 and wanted to have my baby at home as my hospital experiences had not been very positive. When I went for my first appointment with Josif, I was told it was a high risk pregnancy because of my age and I […]

An older Mum, home labour and hospital birth

Jennifer’s Birth Story – A forty-something first time Mum: Life is such that things never turn out the way you expect them to… So, finally at 43 I found myself dancing round the bathroom celebrating the X on the pregnancy test stick. I hadn’t waited so long out of choice or because of any medical […]

Twins at home, with no time to fill the pool

Newborn twins with their brother

  Choosing to give birth at home instead of in the apparent safety of hospital used to seem particularly counter-intuitive to me. For my first child, who was born in Australia, I chose a high-tech hospital and, unwittingly, antibiotics, monitors, drips, an epidural and ventouse delivery. The only births I’d ‘seen’ were dramatic, scary emergencies […]

Third baby born at home whilst his siblings slept

BIRTH STORY, BERTIE WONG, 12th July 2008 As I write this my baby, Bertie, is nearly 4 weeks old. He is absolutely perfect and our whole family have fallen completely in love with him. I am so excited about the life ahead we will share together and all the memories we are about to create […]

Second baby at home, but with Down’s Syndrome and heart problems

Parents:  Eva & Guy First Child:  Hannah New Arrivals:  Katarina Katarina was born at home after a quick and easy labour. However, the excitement was to start when she was a day old and was suspected to have Down’s Syndrome. Thanks to having chosen Yorkshire Storks for my midwifery care we were spared the added […]