Dedicated, professional and compassionate


Almost exactly a year since I met the Yorkshire Storks, I am the proud parent of an 8 1/2 month old who is crawling at speed, still breastfeeding (finally cracked it at 20 weeks and now pain free – hurrah), has six teeth, and isn’t even beginning to think about sleeping through the night. Although […]

My lucky number 3

My third pregnancy. I remember the day I found out about you. I made daddy go down to the shop below the flat and buy a test! I didn’t need to really, I knew. I showed it to Daddy, I looked into his eyes and the reality covered me. I cried. Not because I didn’t […]

My HBAC birth after a preemie!


Originally Posted by Sarah on her blog I’m absolutely over the moon to be able to share with you my birth story for my second baby, beautiful Freddie, who was born on a beautiful and warm Thursday evening in June. A month ago to be exact: Thursday 9th June 2016 @ 8:32pm. According to my dating […]

More like family members than midwives

When we became pregnant with our second baby, we wanted to have a non-medicalised homebirth. We explored local NHS options but didn’t feel confident that our birth wishes would be supported, so we contacted Yorkshire Storks. From the initial meeting we had with the team we felt perfectly at ease with the Storks team, and […]

Priceless Support

Reuben newborn

  A number of friends and colleagues I know have had very positive home birth experiences. So when I became pregnant I had been visualising a labour and birth in a home setting for quite a few years. We had recently moved to Horsforth and Chris was recommended to us as an excellent independent midwife. […]

My consultation with Yorks Storks

This post is taken from Sarah’s  own blog Pure Natural Pregnancy, with her permission. …I had the pleasure of welcoming an Independent Midwife (IM) called Sharyn into my home. Sharyn works in conjunction with 3 other IMs as Yorkshire Storks. They are local to me in Leeds, and I had come across them initially through […]

The best experience of my life

My daughter was born 2 and a half years ago via crash caesarean after a planned home birth dragged on for days. We transferred to hospital for failure to progress where one thing led to another and ended up in foetal distress. It was a very painful and scary experience from quite early on. I […]

Ninjas and Squaddies

During my wife’s pregnancy I got to experience both the care of Yorkshire Storks and the NHS. Both of which we have to thank for a healthy child and mother. The transition between the comforts of home and the midwives care, highlighted the differences in styles between the Storks and the NHS. The Storks were […]

Marie’s Cesarean Story

We were very lucky to use Yorkshire Storks as my brother had recommended them and couldn’t speak of them highly enough.  As we always wanted a hospital birth and had a fairly straightforward pregnancy, we had a fairly relaxed idea about my birth plan and enjoyed the extra support from Sharyn and Chris with few worries. However, as we were under NHS care as […]

Granny’s Story

A telephone call from Peter at 7:20am and Granny was on her way. Heart beating fast and perhaps driving fast! At last, the special day we had been waiting for. Arrived at their house and went upstairs to see Peter, Isabel and Katie. Katie smiling and serene- so calm and in control. You are an […]