Ninjas and Squaddies

During my wife’s pregnancy I got to experience both the care of Yorkshire Storks and the NHS. Both of which we have to thank for a healthy child and mother.

The transition between the comforts of home and the midwives care, highlighted the
differences in styles between the Storks and the NHS. The Storks were like Ninjas -
quiet, hidden, but there when needed and highly professional, whilst the NHS were
more like Squaddies – brash, capable, and full of humour, but high volume and in
your face.

Post birth one nurse tried to manhandle my wife’s breast into the babies mouth with
the comment “go on get your chops round her breasticle” – this was post Cesarean and my wife was exhausted and in the haze of the epidural. Compare this with Yorkshire Storks tiptoeing into the room during labour to check the babies pulse with an air of calm and you can feel the roots of my analogy.

From the early consultations through to the unexpected transition into hospital, the Storks helped to ensure that my wife’s changing wishes were met. At all times we felt supported, well informed and cared for. I think the NHS would benefit from forming closer links with private midwives such as the Storks as they could learn much from them and improve their service both pre and post birth.