My consultation with Yorks Storks

This post is taken from Sarah’s  own blog Pure Natural Pregnancy, with her permission.

…I had the pleasure of welcoming an Independent Midwife (IM) called Sharyn into my home. Sharyn works in conjunction with 3 other IMs as Yorkshire Storks. They are local to me in Leeds, and I had come across them initially through the IMUK website, and then also through a referral from a friend.

I had been in contact with Sharyn and her colleague Chris via email, and so they had some detail on my previous pregnancy and also why I wanted to discuss the possibility of working together.

 Sharyn came to my home on the Wednesday evening, in order that both my husband and I could be there (and our son in bed!). We spent an hour talking about what had happened with George’s birth, what our concerns were with this pregnancy, and also the kind of birth that we were seeking. I told Sharyn about the fears that had been projected onto me, and that I was wanting a home birth despite this, with the understanding that this was a different baby, different birth and different circumstances.

I was never made to feel foolish for wanting a home birth, despite the circumstances that had caused everyone else to jump straight into telling me that I “wouldn’t be allowed”. Although she was clear that there were no guarantees of a home birth, I felt assured that I’d be supported every step of the way, whatever happens.

There is no price that you can put on this feeling! 

I explained my previous PTSD and that I felt something was amiss this time, and she gave me different options so that I could receive the care I needed. I felt like I mattered. I felt like this was a person in front of me, looking back at me, a person! There was a connection, a relationship being built already. For the first time in this pregnancy, I felt respected.

I knew immediately that I wanted to book the team, and Chris (hubby) was in total agreement. Sharyn recommended we have a chat and sleep on it, but that we could get in touch at any time to arrange a booking appointment. Well, the following day, when the community midwife called, I got straight off the phone and practically begged Sharyn to get us booked!

If you’re thinking about whether or not to hire an independent midwife, my advice would be, find some and speak to them – whether you call them for a chat, ping across some emails or have a full consultation as we did.

 With love,  Sarah x