More like family members than midwives

When we became pregnant with our second baby, we wanted to have a non-medicalised homebirth. We explored local NHS options but didn’t feel confident that our birth wishes would be supported, so we contacted Yorkshire Storks. From the initial meeting we had with the team we felt perfectly at ease with the Storks team, and knew that they would support our wishes through our pregnancy and birth journey. We were right! Our ante natal visits were a chance for discussion and support, and we never felt under pressure to have medical intervention from any of the Storks.

Our second wee baby delayed his entrance into the world by a while, but when the labour did eventually come the Storks supported us in exactly the way we had wanted – they were present during our labour and offered the kind of care that felt more like family members being present than midwives. My labour was tough, and we really couldn’t have achieved the drug-free homebirth we had wanted without them there. Sharyn and Claire were amazing. We couldn’t have wished for anything more.

Working with Yorkshire Storks has been an amazing experience and the best money we have ever spent. We can’t recommend them highly enough.