Marie’s Cesarean Story

We were very lucky to use Yorkshire Storks as my brother had recommended them and couldn’t speak of them highly enough.  As we always wanted a hospital birth and had a fairly straightforward pregnancy, we had a fairly relaxed idea about my birth plan and enjoyed the extra support from Sharyn and Chris with few worries. However, as we were under NHS care as well, when I went overdue I felt under a lot of pressure to be induced which I didn’t want. Chris was amazing and came to a hospital appointment with me where I had high blood pressure and they asked me to do a 24hr urine collection. That evening I felt some tummy and back pain and was excited that it might be finally happening! But I went to bed as normal and managed to get some sleep until 3am when I felt a big kick ( or so I thought, but it turned out to be my waters going !).

Then things started to get going, I had a lovely bath and then my husband, Lewis, called Chris to let her know we were in labour. Things felt as though they were progressing quite quickly so Chris came about an hr later around 6am. I felt so calm and in control and Chris reassured me that everything was as it should be. Lewis massaged my lower back and I used a TENS machine, which were amazing for pain relief. We went into hospital around 730 and still things felt as if they were going well, I felt calm and in control still.  After some checks in triage, I had a lot of protein in my urine so they asked me to be continually monitored, which was something I didn’t want as I thought it would prevent me from a water birth. However, the hospital has a new monitor that is wireless which meant I could use the pool so I agreed to that.

When I got into the pool it felt amazing as my contractions were pretty strong without many gaps in between, so I was so looking forward to getting into the water.  About 5 minutes of me being in the water and trying different positions, Chris and the NHS midwife ( Rachel, who was lovely also), suggested I get out as the baby’s heart rate had dropped and didn’t seem to be picking up even after trying various positions in the pool. I was so disappointed. Everyone (Lewis, Chris, Rachel and a student midwife) were all looking a little worried, but I still felt ok although I was losing the control I had tried so hard to keep hold of. We went into a very hot room and they attempted to attach a clip monitor to baby’s head although this was unsuccessful. I also had to spend a lot of time on the bed, which again, I didn’t want to do.  The room seemed suddenly full of a lot of people doing a number of different tests and asking me lots of questions which I don’t really remember, and I think I was starting to panic now. Lewis and Chris seemed calm though which kept me as calm as I could manage.

It was decided that I would need a Caesarean section so they started doing the relevant preparation and took Lewis and I into theatre where I was given a spinal and then, what seemed like seconds later, our baby Effie was here. She was amazing. They let the cord pulse for 40 seconds  then Lewis cut it, she was cleaned up then laid on my chest for skin to skin. I couldn’t feed her yet, but I was so pleased that we could have skin to skin contact. I think I took some patching back up as I had lost a lot of blood and my uterus was tearing slightly but it didn’t matter at all as we had our gorgeous baby Effie.

It took me some time to come to terms with my Caesarean section. Chris, Sharyn and Debs all discussed it with me in great detail as I was so worried that it had been unnecessary but they reassured me (lots!) that it had been the right thing to do for me and our baby.  I didn’t get the birth I wanted or the birth I expected in the end but thanks to Chris, Sharyn and Debs, we are all muddling along quite happily!!

Marie, Lew and Effie