Hurray for the Storks!

Following a tense and difficult time engaging with NHS maternity care and coming the to the conclusion that they would not be able to meet our needs, we sought independent support rather late on. However, we can’t even begin to describe the difference it made to our journey into parenthood! Meeting with people who didn’t make us feel as though we were asking the impossible was relief on a whole new scale! Their antenatal support and encouragement were second to none, and for us informed choice was paramount, and we were reassured in this every step of the way. They supported and respected our decisions.

This has been our first pregnancy and we were extremely anxious as we moved into the unknown. As a couple, we have very specific needs, and these were greeted without hesitation by all four of the Storks. We felt extremely safe and happy for any of them to attend the birth, even though only two were nominated. They prepared us in such a way that we were able to feel confident in our own individual ability and as a couple to birth our child.

Postnatal support was equally superb. Their presence and care for all three of us got us through those early weeks of finding our feet as a family. Again, our needs were met with respect and sensitivity and we were able to make choices that we felt appropriate in a time frame right for us.

We believe that the reason our experience with Yorkshire Storks has had such a powerful and positive impact on our maternity journey is time. We never once felt we were under the constraints of a time frame. The flexibility and fluidity of the support we received allowed us to approach the birth of our child relaxed and confident.

As individuals the Storks are open, approachable and friendly. There was nothing we felt we couldn’t talk about. Their knowledge is vast, each have their area of expertise, so together almost all areas are covered. We could not recommend them more highly. They changed the path of our parenthood journey and prevented us from a potential unhappy experience. We would not hesitate to engage them again, or encourage those unsure to do so.