Granny’s Story

A telephone call from Peter at 7:20am and Granny was on her way. Heart beating fast and perhaps driving fast! At last, the special day we had been waiting for. Arrived at their house and went upstairs to see Peter, Isabel and Katie. Katie smiling and serene- so calm and in control. You are an amazing girl- never complaining during pregnancy even with awful reflux. Sleeping propped up on all those pillows cannot have been easy –but just getting on with life with Peter and Isabel.

Peter was with Katie all through her labour. Isabel and I played happily downstairs- what a joy thisgrandchild is. Midwives arrived- delightful ladies who kept me well informed. I took Isabel for a walk in her pushchair. We walked past Peter and Katie’s old house – i glanced up to the bedroom where she was born- so many memories from that house. We picked wild flowersfrom the hedgerow – yellow ones. Isabel repeating ‘yellow’. Walked for about an hour then returned home.

By now the birth was progressing well. Isabel and I built a Lego house and drew pictures of Nemo which she coloured beautifully. We made lunch and ate together. Kept sending drinks upstairs. Put Isabel down for her sleep at1:15pm- what a delight she is so easy to look after. Sat in my favourite chair- glancing over the valleyas the rain clouds gathered and showers fell. Thinking of Peter, Katie and Isabel and this new life.

All was so peaceful- then the wonderful sound of anew baby’s cry- so strong and loud- and a cry o fjoy from me- i just knew everything was fine. Peter ran downstairs- we hugged and sobbed tears o fjoy- Patrick Michael was safely delivered. To be taken to see our new grandson only minutes old in Mummy’s arms is a wonderful memory I shall treasure for the rest of my life .Thank you Peter and Katie for the wonderful gift of Patrick Michael and for being such a special mummy and daddy to your children.