Fifth babe, first at home; fears allayed

My name is Susan. I recently had my fifth child, Josif. I was 42 and wanted to have my baby at home as my hospital experiences had not been very positive. When I went for my first appointment with Josif, I was told it was a high risk pregnancy because of my age and I have a Rhesus problem (low level Anti E antibodies). I see a naturopath and spoke to him. He put me on to Chris at Yorkshire Storks. Debs came out to see me and we discussed my pregnancy and birth. I felt at ease and told her that some of the fear had been taken away just by knowing that I could give birth at home.

I was visited by Chris and Debs regularly, they spent lots of time discussing the questions and fears I had. They also took care of all my blood and other tests which was a load off my mind, and I build a relationship with them and knew I could trust them. Josif was born on 6th Oct 06 and Chris came early and stayed with me the whole time. My experience this time was of calm and control. It was a special thing to give birth at home and I am very grateful to Chris and Debs for helping with this , as I was quite phobic of labour previous to this.

My four children not present during the labour and birth because they chose not to be, but were in the house and came in as soon as he was born, which was a gift in itself.

I must add that my husband had reservations about me giving birth at home as he had been present during the four other hospital births but he was amazed at how smoothly and naturally things went, it was a very peaceful situation for all of us. Chris and Debs visited every day for a week and then for 6 weeks which, even after four children was really helpful.

I have discussed the birth with my naturopath and he and I believe that his birth has helped Josif to be the contented and happy baby that he is. I can honestly say that I don’t feel the same way about giving birth as I once did, I now feel it can be a very positive experience rather than a dreaded one.

Thanks to Yorkshire Storks.