Dedicated, professional and compassionate

BeanieAlmost exactly a year since I met the Yorkshire Storks, I am the proud parent of an 8 1/2 month old who is crawling at speed, still breastfeeding (finally cracked it at 20 weeks and now pain free – hurrah), has six teeth, and isn’t even beginning to think about sleeping through the night.

Although my father worked as a consultant in the NHS, I began to consider other options when I realised that there is no continuity of care for mothers-to-be in the NHS, simply because the demands on the organisation and the shift patterns make it impossible. When I first thought about independent midwives, I could not have imagined how dedicated, professional and compassionate the Yorkshire Storks are. They supported us every step of the way, practically and emotionally, devoting so much time and effort that we really felt as though we were their only clients. They answered any questions we had, and were never patronising or dismissive of our worries – and as first time parents we had a lot of concerns. Our wonderful son was born at home in the living room, where we felt comfortable and safe. None of the other 9 couples in our NCT group had such a positive and trouble-free delivery, and we feel that this was largely down to the guidance, skill, and support of the Yorkshire Storks.