Birth at home, from a “big” sister’s view point

Tansy_008Birth Story by Romy Smithson (aged 7.)

I woke up to find Mummy in labour. I was excited. I came downstairs and I slept on the settee. The birth pool was filled up and Nana was sleeping in my room. In the morning I made a cake and some biscuits with Nana and the midwife came for a check-up. she said Mummy was 3-4cm and it could take a long time. When the midwife had gone me and Nana went to the shop and she bought me two magazines.

We then went upstairs for a nap but Mummy couldn’t sleep. When we got up Mummy was in the pool. Nana rang Mummy’s friend up and in a few minutes she came running in. I got in the pool. The midwife and a student arrived. Mummy said she was going to push so I got out! After a while I went upstairs with Nana.

Everyone shouted “Romy!” and we got down just in time. I cut the cord with Daddy and dressed my sister after I held her skin-to-skin. I love her so much. I am really glad I was there to see her being born. I will remember it forever.