“…our time together at these visits had made [the YS team] almost intuitively tuned in to all my wishes, quirks, and idiosyncrasies, without me having had to say anything. Knowing they were at the end of a phone, that I could text them with the slightest concern and feel absolutely no judgement or ridicule was […]

A birth that’s optimal for mother and baby


My positive birth story starts when we decided to work with the Yorkshire Storks Independent Midwives. We always knew we wanted a pregnancy and birth free of as much medical intervention as possible, so when we were planning to have a baby we started to research alternatives. We consulted with Debs and Claire from the […]

“As a couple, we have very specific needs, and these were greeted without hesitation by all four of the Storks. We felt extremely safe and happy…We believe that the reason our experience with Yorkshire Storks has had such a powerful and positive impact on our maternity journey is time. We never once felt we were […]

Hurray for the Storks!

Following a tense and difficult time engaging with NHS maternity care and coming the to the conclusion that they would not be able to meet our needs, we sought independent support rather late on. However, we can’t even begin to describe the difference it made to our journey into parenthood! Meeting with people who didn’t […]


These truly inspiring ladies…enabled me to trust my body, let it grow big healthy twins without time limitations, and birth them myself, naturally, with minimal intervention. Going with them was the best decision ever made, I just wish every woman could experience their care, compassion and expertise. They help you make an informed choice and […]

Twins – and by far the best birth experience!

On Saturday 10th March 18 I woke up at 6.45 am having a few niggly pains. I asked hubby to take the girls downstairs so I could have time alone to see what came of them. I was 40+8 and hour later I knew this was definitely labour. Hubby took kids to grandmas and I […]

“The Yorkshire Storks midwife team were incredible in getting to know me and my family, listening to the choices I wanted to make and supporting me to the fullest extent.” (Second baby, VBAC)

A unique partnership

I gave birth on 14th January 2018, to a little girl. She was born at Airedale hospital with the midwives and doctors support there, as well as with the support of the Yorkshire Storks independent midwives, who I had seen during my pregnancy and who have supported me postnatally. This is our second daughter. After […]

“They supported us every step of the way, practically and emotionally, devoting so much time and effort that we really felt as though we were their only clients.” (First baby, home waterbirth)

Dedicated, professional and compassionate


Almost exactly a year since I met the Yorkshire Storks, I am the proud parent of an 8 1/2 month old who is crawling at speed, still breastfeeding (finally cracked it at 20 weeks and now pain free – hurrah), has six teeth, and isn’t even beginning to think about sleeping through the night. Although […]